Cowboy.  A Cottonwood dealership wouldn't have any of those wimpy snowmen  inflatables selling their macho pick up trucks.  They opted instead for the ever popular rugged inflatable cowboy.  While the dealership may think he's waiving at motorists, we suspect that he's looking for his buddies, the dancing Indian, leather biker, GI, cop and construction worker.

The see-you-later alligator.  Looking much as if he just hopped off of a giant Lacoste shirt, this giant inflatable reptile happily waives at passing motorists from Freeway Chevrolet, 1150 N. 54th Street, Chandler.  (We do know that the Lacoste logo is actually a crocodile, but we're not that sure about the genealogy of this inflatable creature.)

Puzzled giant ape.  This giant inflatable ape is obviously puzzled about the turn of events that brought him to the Freeway Chevrolet car lot at 1150 N. 54th Street, Chandler.  He might also be wondering why giant apes are purple.

And you thought the warehouse club nutcrackers were large.  A giant inflatable nutcracker presided over car sales in December 2005 at Hyundai of Tempe, 8050 W. Auto Drive at the Tempe Autoplex.


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