Sumo wrestler.  A giant, half-naked sumo wrestler standing at the entrance to your luxury apartment complex will induce passersby to sign rental agreements.  At least that was the operational theory at the San Marbeya Apartments at 1920 E. Broadway, Tempe, in September 2004.

Coyote hockey player.  Appropriately, an inflatable hockey player wearing the Coyote's jersey was stationed at the entrance to the Desert Schools Coyotes Center ice rink, 7225 W. Harrison Street, Chandler, in September 2004. 

Car dealer gorilla.  Country Club Motors, the Honda dealer in Yuma, had a giant inflatable blue gorilla perched on top of its roof promoting a "Giant Sale."

The American Eagle sells Suzukis.  In an alternate universe, the ultra-patriotic inflatable American Eagle, attired in stars and stripes, would sell automobiles imported from Japan. That alternate universe is at Southwest Suzuki, 1000 East 32nd Street, Yuma.


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