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Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure

Local Rules (U.S. Bankruptcy Court index of local court rules sites)

Other Bankruptcy Information [including a flowchart under the Code]

Sections of the United States Bankruptcy Code relating to Consumer Debt


Chapter 1.  General Provisions

101. Definitions

102. Rules of construction

103. Applicability of chapters

104. Adjustment of dollar amounts

105. Power of court

106. Waiver of sovereign immunity

107. Public access to papers

108. Extension of time

109. Who may be a debtor

110. Penalty for persons who negligently or fraudulently prepare bankruptcy petitions

111. Nonprofit budget and credit counseling agencies; financial management instructional courses

112. Prohibition on disclosure of name of minor children

[There is no Chapter 2]

Chapter 3.  Case Administration

Subchapter I.  Commencement of a Case

301. Voluntary cases

302. Joint cases

303. Involuntary cases

304. [Deleted]

305. Abstention

306. Limited appearance

307. United States trustee

308. Debtor reporting requirements

Subchapter II.  Officers

321. Eligibility to serve as trustee

322. Qualification of trustee

323. Role and capacity of trustee

324. Removal of trustee or examiner

325. Effect of vacancy

326. Limitation on compensation of trustee

327. Employment of professional persons

328. Limitation on compensation of professional persons

329. Debtor's transactions with attorneys

330. Compensation of officers

331. Interim compensation

332. Consumer privacy ombudsman

333. Appointment of patient care ombudsman

Subchapter III.  Administration

341. Meetings of creditors and equity security holders

342. Notice

343. Examination of the debtor

344. Self-incrimination; immunity

345. Money of estate

346. Special provisions related to the treatment of State and local taxes

347. Unclaimed property

348. Effect of conversion

349. Effect of dismissal

350. Closing and reopening cases

351. Disposal of patient records

Subchapter IV.  Administrative Powers

361. Adequate protection

362. Automatic stay

363. Use, sale, or lease of property

364. Obtaining credit

365. Executory contracts and unexpired leases

366. Utility service

[There is no Chapter 4]

Chapter 5.  Creditors, the Debtor, and the Estate

Subchapter I.  Creditors and Claims

501. Filing of proofs of claims or interests

502. Allowance of claims or interests

503. Allowance of administrative expenses

504. Sharing of compensation

505. Determination of tax liability

506. Determination of secured status

507. Priorities

508. Effect of distribution other than under this title

509. Claims of codebtors

510. Subordination

511. Rate of interest on tax claims

Subchapter II.  Debtor's Duties and Benefits

521. Debtor's duties

522. Exemptions

523. Exceptions to discharge

524. Effect of discharge

525. Protection against discriminatory treatment

526. Restrictions on debt relief agencies

527. Disclosures

528. Requirements for debt relief agencies

Subchapter III.  The Estate

541. Property of the estate

542. Turnover of property to the estate

543. Turnover of property by a custodian

544. Trustee as lien creditor and as successor to certain creditors and purchasers

545. Statutory liens

546. Limitations on avoiding powers

547. Preferences

548. Fraudulent transfers and obligations

549. Postpetition transactions

550. Liability of transferee of avoided transfer

551. Automatic preservation of avoided transfer

552. Postpetition effect of security interest

553. Setoff

554. Abandonment of property of the estate

555. Contractual right to liquidate, terminate, or accelerate a securities contract

556. Contractual right to liquidate, terminate, or accelerate a commodities contract or forward contract

557. Expedited determination of interests in, and abandonment or other disposition of grain assets

558. Defenses of the estate

559. Contractual right to liquidate, terminate, or accelerate a repurchase agreement

560. Contractual right to liquidate, terminate, or accelerate a swap agreement

561. Contractual right to terminate, liquidate, accelerate, or offset under a master netting agreement and across contracts; proceedings under chapter 15

562. Timing of damage measurement in connection with swap agreements, securities contracts, forward contracts, commodity contracts, repurchase agreements, and master netting agreements

[There is no Chapter 6]

Chapter 7.  Liquidation

Subchapter I.  Officers and Administration

701. Interim trustee

702. Election of trustee

703. Successor trustee

704. Duties of trustee

705. Creditors' committee

706. Conversion

707. Dismissal of a case or conversion to a case under chapter 11 or 13

Subchapter II.  Collection, Liquidation, and Distribution of the Estate

721. Authorization to operate business

722. Redemption

723. Rights of partnership trustee against general partners

724. Treatment of certain liens

725. Disposition of certain property

726. Distribution of property of the estate

727. Discharge

728. Special tax provisions [Deleted]

Subchapter III. Stockbroker Liquidation - Omitted

Subchapter IV.  Commodity Broker Liquidation - Omitted

[There is no Chapter 8]

Chapter 9.  Adjustment of Debts of a Municipality - Omitted

[There is no Chapter 10]

Chapter 11.  Reorganization - Omitted

Subchapter I.  Officers and Administration - Omitted

Subchapter II. The Plan - Omitted

Subchapter III. Postconfirmation Matters - Omitted

Subchapter IV. Railroad Reogranization - Omitted

Chapter 12.  Adjustment of Debts of a Family Farmer or Fisherman with Regular Annual Income - Omitted

Chapter 13. Adjustment of Debts of an Individual with Regular Income

Subchapter I. Officers, Administration, and the Estate

1301. Stay of action against codebtor

1302. Trustee

1303. Rights and powers of debtor

1304. Debtor engaged in business

1305. Filing and allowance of postpetition claims

1306. Property of the estate

1307. Conversion or dismissal

1308. Filing of prepetition tax returns

Subchapter II.  The Plan

1321. Filing of plan

1322. Contents of plan

1323. Modification of plan before confirmation

1324. Confirmation hearing

1325. Confirmation of plan

1326. Payments

1327. Effect of confirmation

1328. Discharge

1329. Modification of plan after confirmation

1330. Revocation of an order of confirmation

[There is no Chapter 14.]

[Chapter 15 has been repealed.]


Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure -- Proposed rules dealing with consumer cases  


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